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NVDCMS is an advanced opensource (BSD License) Java/EJB-CMP-2.0/XML/XSLT Content Management System that can use any SQL database for content persistence. NVDCMS supports Virtual Hosting, SOAP/WebServices, custom XML transactionnal business process language and much more ;)

 Current Task List
 Online language documention
 Developper book (PDF/French)
 Admin book (PDF/French)

Why should I use NVDCMS?

NVDCMS has been inspired by the Apache Cocoon engine, but, it's now way ahead of Cocoon as it includes full dataflow processing structure/language. From the end user view point, NVDCMS abstracts all relationnal database concerns, using XML object mapping and simple command language.

 NVDCMS is free and OpenSourced (BSD License): can easily be extended by anyone having a little Java knowledge.
NVDCMS is robust: many plateforms using NVDCMS are in production stage since more than one year.
 NVDCMS is 100% XML oriented: it processes the XML document using a simple command language and XML object data structures. Actually, you will probably have a harder time designing your XSL stylesheets than your NVDCMS compatible XML documents.
 NVDCMS is fast (even as fast as static HTML page web server): using advanced hierachical caching structure at each stage of processing. In fact, we have been able to saturate our 100Mbit ethernet LAN during our stress test on "after-processing cached XML document".
NVDCMS is scalable: with its 3 tiers architecture, NVDCMS can sustain heavy load on dynamic pages, distributing each piece in server cluster. In fact, all frontals use a distributed cache (based on JavaGroups) allowing classical weight-round-robin HTTP load balancing.
 NVDCMS includes an internal search engine: all data stored is indexed on the fly inside the internal search engine.

Why shouldn't I use NVDCMS?

You should :). The single drawback of using a 3 tiers Java based architecture (database, EJB server, HTTP frondend) on a single machine is actually memory. Anyway, you should be able to run all 3 components with one JVM instance but expect some pretty heavy memory usage.

Also NVDCMS does not comes with a point and click IDE, allowing WYSIWYG web conception. We believe that it should not be a good reason to avoid NVDCMS (a decent XML/XSLT IDE is yet to be seen, if ever).

Can I download a ready to go binary package?

Not yet. We're currently working on a simple "all in one" distribution, but you can still get the source in CVS repository though.


You can download features tech sheet. Here is a short key features list:

 XML/XSL pipeline translation for dynamic presentation and multi-format document production
Native support for multi-format rendering of FO documents to produce on the fly PDF, RTF, text using FOP/FOR libraries
 Bitmap image processing (resize, format conversion)
 SVG rasterisation using Batik
 Multilanguage content management
 Business Process and transaction commands (allows custom workflow)
 Advanced dynamical privilege/rights management
 Javascript and JSP-like XML scripting language
 Web Service Invocation via WSDL
 SOAP remote method invocation and data structure support
 Content versioning (allowing modification history)
 Syndication of content and multi-site data flow
 Single sign on
 Virtual hosting
 Remote IMAP server consultation
 Full LDAP read/write support
 Internal search engine to allow fine grain search feature and PDF indexing
 Mail sending (allow newsletter, mail alias, auto reply, mail alert)
 Calendar data structure
 XML Document signature and encryption
 Per site WebDAV filesystem access support
 JMX monitoring
 Statistical log analysis tools
 Distributed cache: avoid container server access and multilevel cache: container server, process level, document level
 Gzip content compression and output
 Server side statefull session variables (allow basket management, and avoid cookie data storage)
 Multi-database SQL query with recursive tree request
 Fine grain SQL query caching system